Health and Safety Committee

Health & Safety Committee

Purpose: To provide a safe work place in accordance to company policies and OSHA regulations.

The statutory requirements for these committees are straightforward:

  • The safety committee must hold regularly scheduled meetings
  • Must conduct regular facility walk thru inspections
  • A safety committee member must be a volunteer from each shop and shop office other than management
  • Drivers participation is encouraged
  • There will be a safety coordinator and an alternate

Duties that safety committee members will assume include:

  • Participating in quarterly walk around inspections
  • Training new employees about safe working procedures
  • Safety coordinator will send a monthly 7 - minute safety trainer to each location which will be the main topic for the monthly safety meeting
  • Providing input for creation and enforcement assistance of workplace safety and health rules
  • Presenting safety and health information at regularly scheduled staff meetings
  • Assisting in accident investigations
  • Providing employee safety and health concerns, complaints, and recommendations to supervision and management for improvement and correction

List of the 2018 Safety Committee Members:

  • Laurie MacMillan: Night and Weekend Dispatch
  • TJ Campbell: Dispatch & Customer Service
  • Jon Uekert: VP Refrigerated Operations
  • Jim Elness: Sales
  • Lisa Scharfencamp: Human Resources
  • Pete Schugel: Driver Advocate and IT
  • Sheena Wersal: Shop
  • Robyn Bundy: Safety