Safety is a priority at J&R Schugel all year long, but the coldest months can present extra hurdles for CDL-A truck drivers, such as icy or wet roads and low visibility. While the winter weather is often unpredictable, you can prepare for the worst with these tips to keep you and fellow drivers safe this time of year:

  1. Get prepared! At the beginning of the season, you can winterize your semi by making sure your tires and battery are up to the task and ensuring your antifreeze levels are correct. Once your truck is ready, make sure you know your routes and the hazards you may face along the way.


  1. Pack Winter Supplies! Make sure you are carrying with you warm clothes, food and water, ice scraper and/or shovel and jumper cables. Have the tools you need to get you through this winter season.  


  1. Slow down! Icy, wet, and slushy roads can be tricky to navigate even at a slow rate of speed, so take it down a notch this winter. Try to compensate for low traction by avoiding sudden or exaggerated movements.


  1. Give yourself some space! Create extra space to react to unpredictable situations while on the road. If you pay attention to the vehicles around you, you can tell if the road is frozen by checking if water is spraying off of tires. If the road looks wet but water isn’t spraying off of them, the road is likely icy, and you should give yourself even more time to brake and stop.


  1. Pull over if you need to! We know there’s added pressure this season to deliver, but don’t push it in severe weather. If you feel uncomfortable with the driving conditions, listen to your gut, and find a safe place to pull over and wait it out.

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