J&R Schugel Truck Driver Dwight Pinckney

J&R Schugel truck driver Dwight Pinckney has a simple philosophy for safe driving: “Keep it between the ditches.”

After 24 years on the road and five with J&R Schugel, Dwight says he still enjoys his career behind the wheel.  “I don’t see driving as a challenge, I see it as everyday life,” Dwight says. “This is what I do.”

Among the facets of his job he likes the most is being on the open road. “I like that I am able to see different places and meet new people,” he says.

While on the road, Dwight makes sure to keep safety top-of-mind and encourages other drivers to do the same. “Patience is key,” he says. “Be careful, be patient and don’t panic. Remember to get enough rest — if you’re tired pull over!”

For Dwight, J&R Schugel has been a good fit for a variety of reasons including steady freight, good home time and support from the staff and leadership. “J&R is a friendly company,” he says. “I really like it here and they treat me well.”

One of the most attractive advantages of the company is its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). The ESOP is a qualified retirement plan that provides eligible employees with an ownership interest in the company. That means, Schugel contributes to each employee’s retirement without an investment from the employee beyond their work. Loyal drivers can count on Schugel contributing to their retirement savings for the life of their careers, leading to more secure golden years.

Total earning is another huge selling point with drivers able to earn up to $90,000 a year in total compensation when you add in the average ESOP account value, accessorial pay and bonuses.

If you’re interested in a driving career with high earning potential and a more secure future, learn more about J&R Schugel’s CDL-A driving career opportunities today!



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